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released July 30, 2016

Atonement features Aaron of Jesus Piece

Art by Matt Bennett of Iron Price

Recorded at Landmine Studios in Ewing, NJ

Out on Fast Break Records (Cd release) and Madhouse Records (Tape release)



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DISSENT New Jersey

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Track Name: Thorns of Reality
Embrace the pain and the agony
Immerse your body in the blood of sin
Without truly walking in darkness
you will remain blind to the light
Demons grips upon our flesh
Tear away all that's left
Reveal what's within consciousness
Primal instinct to survive
In This world of lies
What does it mean
to be alive
Cast aside
Thrown into the fire
Worship the flames of our masters
Thorns of reality
Dig deep as you pull away
From the truth
Track Name: Atonement (Featuring Aaron Heard)
Atop the alter a light so divine
Before us a mountain to steep to climb
Beast have become of those left behind
A choice will be made
Decisions based on lust and greed
Indulgent cowards addiction to foul flesh
The fruits rot in bile and brine
You've had your fill
Too many times
(Aaron's part)
We've earned our own way
A lifetime of pain and suffering
No second chance to learn from mistakes
The world in chains til the end of days
We take and take until there's nothing left
We're pushing forward on our path to death
A debt unpaid
Comes the Wrath of plagues
The moon becomes as blood
Men shall seek death
and shall not find it
And now the sower is the reaper
None shall be spared
No lost soul nor lost creature
None shall be spared
Track Name: Poisoned
Swallow it down
Time Released
A new disease overcomes you
Mutation of your inner mind
Blinded by illusion
Manufactured lies
Agonizing ruin
Poison in disguise
Feeding on the weakest
Locked in a tomb
Awaken from delusion
The serpent has a grip on you
This world
Littered with its vices
Existence Diseased
Families torn apart and suffering
None will break free
Reaping the rewards of a life so grim
Destroying everything that lies within
What makes you human was lost in a daze
There is no solution to your mind decay